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JB Custom Rods are by far the industry’s best kept secret. From the extreme high end blanks and components to the unique one of a kind handle that delivers explosive vibrations directly to your hand and fingers. These rods provide you, the angler, with an undeniable advantage over the fish and your competition. No other rod can compare to the craftsmanship and ingenuity put into each and every JB Custom Rod.

I’ve written this page to help first time buyers and returning customers select a technique specific rod or bundle of rods that will cover most applications you’ll need, affording you the advantage over your competitors.


The 5 must haves






JC Pro Angler Series


Texas rig, Jig, swim-jigs, flipping sparse grass or buck brush, and perfect for skipping docks.

Other techniques: spinnerbait, Chatterbait, and buzzbait. This rod is very versatile and most anglers have a few of these rods or the ESP series Snake rod in their collection

Stump Jumper

JC Pro Angler Series

7’ 2”

Cranking, topwater, small swimbaits


JC Pro Angler Series

6’ 9”

Jerkbait, topwater poppers, flukes, small cranks

Finesse LT

JC Pro Angler Series

7’ 2”

Shaky Hd, spybaiting, small cranks, Drop Shot


As you might notice there are only 4 rods above. Those are great rods to get you started and cover a ton of different techniques but depending on where you fish you will want that fifth rod to be a little more technique specific. For instance if you live on the great lakes you would rather have another spinning rod than a heavy flipping rod like the anglers in Florida want.

Below is my choice of rods for various techniques. Choose one that fits your style of fishing to complete your set of 5.


JC Pro Angler series

ESP series

Florida heavy mat flipping

King Gator

Mat Rod

Carolina / Deep Ledge cranking

Money Crank







Frog and Rat

Flipping and pitching jigs


Snake / Queen Snake


90/10 Med

Trick spin

Drop Shot


Super Shot




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