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JB Custom Rods would like to congratulate Charlie Machek for his 2nd Place finish on the FLW Costa Series Potomac River Tournament! He got there using our rods!!



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Our rods have been used to win 5 National Championships!

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Become one with the rod...listen...feel what the rod is telling you and then...and only then, will you become a better fisherman!


Tournament bass fishing is an ultra competitive, technique specific sport. Competitors who want to achieve consistent success have got to be prepared for countless different fishing situations, and have got to use a wide arsenal of fishing techniques. JB Custom rods are technique specific bass rods, each design having it’s own unique purpose. Every individual rod is painstakingly handcrafted in North Carolina, one rod at a time, using the highest quality components that money can buy. Through years of development with our pro staff, John Ballard has expertly designed several different rod models to suit your needs. We have between 200-400 rods built and in inventory that we can ship within 24 hours. It is not the aim of this site to sell custom rods over the internet. Instead, we hope to introduce the serious fisherman to a small sample of our product line and encourage communication, by way of phone or email, concerning the exact details you desire for your very own custom built and designed fishing rod.



JB has the rod for you!

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