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What is a spiral wrap?
The spiral wrap is a term referring to a guide placement system on all of our bait casting rods. The main purpose of the spiral wrap is to completely eliminate the problem of rods twisting when the rod is bent and all of the guides are placed in a straight line on the top of the rod blank. The spiral wrap places the guides in a spiral around the blank, so that when the line comes off of the rod, it is coming off of the bottom of the blank, just like a spinning rod does. Using this system, the fishing line can not rub against the rod blank at any point, reducing strain on the line and the rod, line slap against the blank is eliminated and allows longer casts, and stress on the rod blank is greatly reduced, decreasing the chances of breakage.

The biggest single thing a spiral wrap does for a fishing rod is eliminate twisting and turning of a rod blank.

How does the spiral wrap guide system affect casting?

The spiral wrap minimizes line slap on the blank, reduces friction, and improves casting distance.

What kind of warranty do your rods come with?
In the event that an ESP Rod or a Stealth Traditional rod is damaged within the first 90 days of purchase, the rod will be replaced at no cost. Between 90 days and ONE year from the original purchase date, a damaged rod will be replaced/repaired for a $50.00 deductible (plus freight). The damaged rod must be returned with a copy of the original sales receipt. This warranty is not intended to cover any damage that occurred due to abuse or neglect. It is our desire to maintain a satisfied customer. Up to this point, we have replaced a lot of rods that were probably not true warranty issues. We just cannot afford to keep replacing rods that have been abused or neglected. Just call us or email us and we will discuss!

Why don’t the  large rod manufacturing companies utilize the spiral wrap?
Actually, several of the large companies have tried manufacturing a spiral wrap rod. Selling the concept of a spiral wrap rod to the average fisherman requires a major paradigm shift.   Construction of a spiral wrap rod is more labor intensive, more expensive, and requires  the guides to be placed on each rod according to how the rod bends.

What is the idea behind Concept guide systems?
The word concept was actually coined by one of the major guide manufacturing companies. The literal explanation is that you use no guide bigger than necessary to move the line from point a to point b with the least amount of line slap.


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